108 Proven Split Test Winners is a free book (you just pay shipping) by the DotComSecrets Lab.  This is the same company that created Click Funnels, so they know a thing or two about split testing and funnels. Per the book:

Simple Tweaks You Can Make to Your Website, So You Can Make More Money NOW!

It is a small book – about the size of a workbook – but packed full of goodness. There are so many different industries and so many different types of funnels. It is a bit overwhelming at first.  But each are documented very well, scientifically, in fact. They’ve also included videos in the book, very cleverly done via QR codes (and if you think they aren’t tracking those…you have much to learn!)

Example of Split test in the book

Here we have just one example in the book.  It has lots of clear pictures showing what the page, or funnel consisted of.  They document out what the split test consisted of, and then give you the stats as to what won. What we love about this book is not just how detailed they are with their examples, but that they also include some of the psychology of why they thought the winner worked.  This book is really about the psychology of marketing. Getting in the head’s of your customers and figuring out what they are going to respond to.

For instance – one test splits out two different types of email pitches.  One is curiosity based, ie. designed to get you to open the email because the subject intrigues you; vs blatant pitch – I have a product, give me money. The study showed that the curiosity based email got more opens, but the blatant pitch saw a whopping 119% increase in sales.

If the book teaches you anything, it is that you should never assume and always be testing.  Never take for granted that your pages, emails, and funnels are optimized until you’ve tested everything you can. The amount of value in this book is truly amazing!  But a word of warning, it isn’t something you can read in one sitting.  You really need the time to digest each test and really study what they are doing.

Take time to watch the videos, there is a ton more value if you do.  Most of all, try implementing some of the testing in your own business. See if the tweaks work for you.

The book is free, you just pay shipping, so you’ve really nothing to lose!

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