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PLR - Private Label Rights Content

Content in this section is for you to use to create your own websites, or products.  You may NOT use this content exactly as it is, or resell it.  Your rights allow you to alter, edit and customize the product any way that you see fit to sell as your own product while keeping 100% of the profits. No rights to any of these product can be sold, given away or transferred in any way. In order to make the content unique,  you should plan on changing at least 50% of the product in order for it to become a new work.

Make sure that when you’re customizing your product that you use common sense when editing it. You should add your own unique ideas and content to the products and make them as unique to yourself and your business, as you can. Add your own images, use fun fonts and format them to make them your own and fit your website, or document. This will help you with SEO, keep your site unique from other sites, and make people feel you are an authority. PLR gives you a head start on creating your own product or website, but should never be just copied!

To Learn how to use PLR Content properly, please review the following document: importance-of-rebranding-plr-content.