(Update – this company appears to be defunct?)

We recommend avoiding this hosting company at all costs! There are so many choices for hosting out there, and it is a competitive environment. Which would, one would think, make companies extra vigilant to be the best they can be. Not so with HostZilla. This is quite possibly the worst hosting company we’ve dealt with to date. It would appear they are trying to be a Host Gator knock off, maybe hoping to capitalize on someone getting the name wrong, but they lack in every single aspect of hosting.

We had to set up a site for a client, who was very specific that the hosting had to be on HostZilla, according to their developer. It turned out to be a custom WordPress site, so it really could have been hosted anywhere.  I am quite sure the developer was getting a kick back in order to host there and the client was being dinged even more.

Our client paid for a year of hosting, because again, that is what the developer told them to do. And who really thinks their site won’t be around for at least a year? You get price breaks for paying in advance, so it isn’t usually a bad thing to do. Unfortunately, our client was caught in a legal dispute and was forced to shut their website down after just a few months. They requested a refund of the remaining seven months of hosting and were flat out denied!


They were told there were no refunds on hosting after 30 days.  Wait, what?? If you are going month to month, then fine, but if you pay for a year and can’t use the whole thing?!?

So, buyer beware.  This hosting company is so hard up for funds, they couldn’t do the right thing.  The customer support was slow to respond, snarky, and ultimately dishonest, in our opinion. And of course, that is just our opinion of what we experienced.

With so many good, honest hosting companies out there, with excellent customer service, why bother on a fly by night company like this one. Skip it and get a real hosting account with a company you can trust.