Getting your product in the hands of affiliates is the best way to sell more of your product. Affiliates do the hard work, you pay them a commission, and the rest goes in your pocket. It increases your reach well beyond what you alone, can do.

Affiliate platforms give you the ability to do all of this automatically, without having to calculate sales and pay each affiliate manually. JVZoo is one of the biggest and fastest growing affiliate platforms out there today.

But getting your content on the JVZoo platform can be a chore and it is easy to miss a step, or get bogged down in the details. We’ve got you covered! Learn everything you need to know, and follow step-by-step, as we walk you through getting your product live.

This course was created and recorded by a JVZoo expert who has managed a ton of successful product launches on JVZoo, with many getting Product Of The Day. He shares his way of doing things, including a whole different way to look at their sales funnel creator. It’s this type of insight that separates this complete video tutorial set, from the generic how-to videos JVZoo provides.

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