Scripts to build niche sites that sell Amazon products are everywhere.  Fundamentally, what they do is load Amazon products into a page, with your Amazon ID attached.  You promote the site, people click on your product, they get taken to Amazon and buy and you get a commission.  Neat right?

Coolice – don’t know of any other name that he markets by, builds such clone scripts and sells them on a number of forums, like the Warrior Forum.  They’ve been deal of the day many times.  His main blog is here: and he sells a dozen or so of these Clone scripts.

They make a nice looking little store front filled with the appropriate products – ie. books, health products, baby supplies, etc. It is really a very nice, done for you, website.  Run the script, populate the store, promote it.

The problem?


I’ve bought several of the scripts and every single one of them was a hacker’s paradise.  My server was continually getting hacked, and no matter what level of security precautions I put in place and no matter how diligent I was, it was hacked.  In working with the techs at HostGator, they were able to help me track down the culprit. In every single case, it came from this script. Over and over again.

Emails sent to Coolice went unanswered.

These scripts are running at around $67 and will cost you a lot more in downtime, corrupted sites, hacking cleanups, etc.

Unfortunately, even though I really like the idea of these scripts, the recommendation is to steer very far of them.  Only use scripts from reputable companies, that are listed in the WordPress directory and have good ratings.