Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk  Here at the League of Marketers, we are huge fans of Ted Talks.  And this one, in particular, is one of our very favorites.  Shawn Achor’s sense of humor sweeps you into his every word as he explains that  the key to understanding the science of happiness is knowing that the our external world is not predictive of our happiness.

Our traditional model of success looks something like this: If I work harder, I’ll have success, and if I have success I’ll be happy.  Shawn explains that this is scientifically broken and very backwards,  because with each success we push our idea of success further and further away, never really attaining happiness. By teaching people to be happy in the present, our brains reach a point he calls the happiness advantage. It is at this point, when we learn to be happy in the moment, that our brains show a 30% improvement.

Data is skewed.  90% of your long term happiness is based on how your brain processes the world.  If you can change the way you view the world, you can change your level of happiness.  Sounds simple, right? Shawn certainly makes us believe it is.

The best part of Shawn’s Ted Talk is the fact that he educates us about data, and the importance of our understanding that happiness inspires us to be more productive at work

You can watch Shawns Ted Talk at Ted Talks, or sign up for his course called 21 Days to a Happier Life here.

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