Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People: It’s Killing You by Darius Foroux

Foroux’s article makes the point that you need to stop reading “success-articles” – the type that suggest there is a difference between winners and losers.

Stuff like: “This behavior separates successful people from average people.” Or articles that list the habits of Millionaires or Billionaires.

His point is that they always focus on the outcome, not the process (not unlike so many “gurus” selling their latest get-rich quick idea). Correlation doesn’t mean causation.

Why we like it: 

Foroux points out that there is beauty in the struggle. If you are just trying to imitate others, you lose yourself and what makes you – YOU. So many people reach their goal and then have an empty, hollow feeling.  It is never what they expect it to be.

Life is about the struggle of figuring things out. Always create your own path—no matter how hard it is. And you better love it too. Because that’s the only right path there is.  

–Darius Foroux


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